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Matteo Lamandini

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Milan fashion week saw not only the long established designers from around the world but also The Fashion Hub showcased designers who have produced collections exceptional the industry. One such designer is Matteo Lamandini.


His menswear collection saw the return of corduroy. His blend of AW16/17 colour palate was demure and cool, much like the personality of the designer himself.


His collection is masculine and adventurous. Bold but wearable. The juxtaposition of fabrics makes it edgy, he has collars of contrasting colour, different to the shell. Blazers with the pattern split in varying prints.


The colour palate plays into the earth / military tones found in the AW16 colour palate but by no means does he play it safe.


Wearing his collection in addition to a cool demeanour he is courteous and informative at the show.

For a high-street fix collections such as Topman can sooth your shopping desires right now.

Matteo Lamandini is  winner of 2014’s Designer of Tomorrow award, he has made a beautiful contribution to Aw16.


#shoesmakemehappy – the brogue

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Italy, the Graceland of the footwear industry, and I have just acquired the bargain of the century. I bought what I believe to be an amazing pair of tan almond toe, slip on wing cap brogues, with a tassel and fringe. They are basically my dream pair of shoes, the last one in the lot so I got them for the bargain price of 44 Euro (at a 1.2 conversion approximately £36.67). I haven’t yet mentioned the  upper and lining is leather, made and sourced all in Italy – for £37. What a steal, for any shoe snob you should be feeling the raw envy. Or feel around for change and get yourself to Italy.

Collage 2016-02-16 19_16_30

Brogues for me are the epitome of heritage style rounding off an indigo skinny jean with finesse, topped off with a mink cashmere jumper and velvet blazer why not. I have been searching for a pair of shoes like this for years. I have been travelling to Italy since 2009 and in my 2nd week of having packed my bags and taken the search hard core I have found them. Additionally to add they are as comfortable as a coma. Just a quick stroll to the shops in my new shoes and I feel a million bucks. MM Glamour shoes – thanks and I’ll see you again for sure.

The brogue is a style of footwear typically characterised by decorative perforations (broguing) along and on top of the upper surface of the shoe. The roots of punching holes into shoes came from Ireland and Scotland, primarily for drainage purposes. Today they are the epitome of sophistication, business attire and fashion but also a trend driven in sportswear with EVA soles, pull on high tops and slip on sport shoes. Taking my love of masculine driven pieces, it’s safe to say I am pleased as punch.

A designer known to perform broguing with the upmost reinvented style, innovative comfort technology and finesse is Coal Haan. See these and drool. This brand is my shout out to splurge on, for a pair of shoes in this category, a brand delivering a cheaper option isn’t really an option at all.

Coal Haans