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Matteo Lamandini

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Milan fashion week saw not only the long established designers from around the world but also The Fashion Hub showcased designers who have produced collections exceptional the industry. One such designer is Matteo Lamandini.


His menswear collection saw the return of corduroy. His blend of AW16/17 colour palate was demure and cool, much like the personality of the designer himself.


His collection is masculine and adventurous. Bold but wearable. The juxtaposition of fabrics makes it edgy, he has collars of contrasting colour, different to the shell. Blazers with the pattern split in varying prints.


The colour palate plays into the earth / military tones found in the AW16 colour palate but by no means does he play it safe.


Wearing his collection in addition to a cool demeanour he is courteous and informative at the show.

For a high-street fix collections such as Topman can sooth your shopping desires right now.

Matteo Lamandini is  winner of 2014’s Designer of Tomorrow award, he has made a beautiful contribution to Aw16.

Fashion Sees Red

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Red, also known as Fiesta is one of the big colours for Spring 16, as if you didn’t already know.
Whether you are a minor red hair accessory kind of girl. The guy that wears the red power tie or even the person who enjoys the sneaky peak of a bright red sock peakibooing under trousers, this Spring 2016 is your season.
With the likes of Armani popping accents of red all over the Spring collection, you’ll be a fool to ignore it. Red has never been my colour, but back in November I entered a Stylist competition – stage one was to showcase our interpretation of red.
Here was my entry. Unfortunately I didn’t win, but I still love my entry. The cardigan is a retro vintage piece from Greenwich. The beading detail is incredible, pure lambswool and lined inside to prevent any wool intolerance reactions occurring.  I love it. I’m also wearing my shoe clips from my website Cheeky Poppins, a touch of fur.
Here are some pieces from Armani showcasing possibly the most powerful colour in the spectrum. So says the power tie philosophy.
Here is a dress on Pretaportobello by Liquorish At Marketplace. Taking the colour block Fiesta to an extreme but why not? Otherwise you can tone it down with accessories – all found on the site.
Whatever your feelings on the colour, there ain’t no party like a Fiesta.  So jump on board.

Face Fashion

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Aviators, round, or cats eye, there are so many shapes of sunglasses to choose from. I have a heart shaped face, emphasis on the top heart as my cheeks are undeniably plump. The general rule is, if a pair of sunglasses is angular and you have a round face go crazy, and vice versa. My rule is wear what makes you feel like table top dancing and own it! In Mango, I tried out a few.

sunnies collage

I have always liked what I liked. So this is just a guide, try them on and see what actually “fits”.

Aviators – large lenses, designed to block out the sun from every angle, hence their association with pilots. Often with reflective lenses, for extra pizazz. Recommended for slim faces as not to emphasize girth.

Brow line – a wide frame which runs across the top, at the, wait for it – brow line. Often thin frames or rimless across the remaining bottom of the lenses. An association with the founder of KFC, but very retro chic today.

Square / Retro square – regarded as the most compatibly complimentary style for all face shapes there is. Again, their name is their shape, whether you like them black thick rimmed for nerd homage or slim framed for more sophistication, they’re a mandatory addition for every collector of sunglasses. Best on an oval / round face.

Oval – again works with most face shapes.  Looks best on square faces. See what I did there.

Cat Eye – much like the eyes of our feline friends (or foes). They were made fammannequin - 4ous in the 50’s and are best worn with animal print frames and high cheek bones. These are guidelines only as I think Hollywood wore them best in Mannequin (1987).




Wayfarer – an iconic style, monopolised by one brand in a particular. Somewhere between rectangle and oval in shape.

Round – perfectly round, but best remembered worn by Lennon. They are just that, round; very trendy and fashionable. If your face isn’t round, these are generally regarded as an agreeable look for you.

Sport – curved with your face, often tapered at the temple, sometimes with fancy polarised lenses for the sports enthusiast. To fight glare.

I love my Moschino cat’s eyes; they are gaudy and bold – just how I like them. 2nd favourite is my round eyes (Topshop) – a fraction of the price but possibly more of a statement. When the sun makes an appearance, you’ll be thoroughly equipped! Come on SS16.