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Get to grips with fashion

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Hats, gloves, and scarves are as essential as underwear in these temperatures which rarely go above a solid 10 degrees Celsius. Primavera or spring is can still get pretty chilly, I keep it cosy with accessories.

Scarves, blanket scarves, fur collars or tippets are ideal accessories for your neck.

Beanies, berets, flat caps, trilby’s, caps and fedoras are great head pieces for warmth and style.

Gloves, mittens and muffs are ideal at keeping your phalanges from freezing, tips to wrists. However, whilst trying to pay for your coffee, get out your travel card and more importantly use your phone, in traditional gloves this process is unmanageable, especially with the prevalence of smart phone touch screen mobile phones.

Therefore, touchscreen gloves are one of the most appropriate inventions using tech in the fashion industry incorporating fashion and function. In a world where you can’t go 5 minutes without picking up your phone and checking your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, let alone the rest – you can do it all comfortably in the 6 degree Celsius weather with your gloves on.

Apart from staying appropriately warm enough for the weather, many would put fashion over function. A phrase I have said myself in the past until I saw a monstrosity of cumulative trends in one ensemble which is very uncomplimentary, I saw the error in this phrase. I now stand corrected, this phrase has been abused. For me it is 100% Style over Substance.


Men and women alike. I recommend Marks and Spencer.  Affordable, eco-friendly factories and a British company. I have had mine for possibly too long, from London to Milan they have kept me toasty answering my phone, tapping on my tablet and writing in overly air-conditioned cafes, the lot!

For the guys, Topman gloves provide comfort, style and functionality. Like I always say, why fashion over function, style over substance – and touchscreen definitely brings it to the table.

56M02KNAV_large topman


The bespoke option for touchscreen will have to be gloves by – prices start from $20 and go over $120. Their range is pretty extensive and has a large range of fabrications, styles and colours for all your needs.



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Primavera (or spring) officially starts today, March 1st is the meteological start of spring. It is a wonderful time of year when trees bloom, looking less baron and generally less dead. Grass gets its gloss back and there is the promise of wonder, new beginnings and obviously sun. However, from London to Milano it is officially still blooming cold!

Spring is the beginning of a new season, and I am talking conventional calendars. In the world of fashion, Spring/Summer begins in January as if you didn’t know. February is the time for fashion week, where designers showcase their next Autumn / Winter collections. That’s where I am, at the end of Milan Fashion Week AW16/17. It is a magical time of year.


Summer doesn’t officially start until June 1st which is a long time to wait. In the meantime what do we wear? I have compiled a few OOTD pics to give my interpretation of Primavera – I’m calling it My Spring in Milan, Italy; for inspiration when the weather is exceptionally non-compliant.

My favorite, in my limited wardrobe whilst in Italy going #casualchic. Navy Wool Jumper Autograph (M&S); Dark Skinny Jeans, GAP; Peach slingback Point Shoes, Autograph (M&S); Zara Leopard Blanket scarf draped on the side. The Cons on the side can fit in the DKNY bag I take everywhere, just in case.
20160218_192010Spring is here….finally.


Milan Fashion Week – Grinko

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Milan Fashion Week, kicks off with the Sergei Grinko show. The opening catwalk by the humble, dressed in black designer was filled with wonder. Foliage on entrance, white walls and secret scrolls. There were men and women alike, frow and beyond with a very strong sense of self and an exceptional sense of style.


The show consisted of branded oversized beanies, branded oversized sleeves, and decorative structured backpacks. The goth chic ensembles were the memorable pieces or me.

I was particularly in support of the mixed prints and textures, velvet and natural fibers. The FROW sat in agreement and the round of applause confirmed his success.


The models did a great job showcasing the new designs, which I’m sure will contribute to the inspiration on many a shop floor come AW16/17.

For the debut show of Milano Moda Donna AW16/17, it was everything you hoped it would be. It was fashion. It was fabulous.



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The dust has finally begun to settle following Beyoncé’s half time Super Bowl performance, displaying a profound amount of black power. Led by Beyoncé in a stellar performance, dancers with natural hair, berets and leather – the uniform of the Black Panther party donned the grounds of Super Bowl 50. She has been criticised in the past for sitting on the fence regarding political and social politics, so this performance really made a stand in her POV. The show has since spurred on satires all over YouTube of blackness and its comical abundance all over the celebrity world, as well as what it means to be black, the pride, heritage and the legacy.


The Black Panthers – The Vanguard of the Revolution (2016); a documentary on the origins of the movement from the Panthers themselves. They were by title The Black Panthers for Self-Defence who would prove to be by defence winners in the game where they were faced with an opposition ready to attack.

See my review on Close-Up Film.

Selma 2014, featuring UK actor David Oyelowo was a motion picture based on the trials and tribulations Martin Luther King Jr and his team went through in the town of Selma. I managed to see this film on a pre-release and I felt not only privileged but deeply moved, educated and extremely proud. I wrote a review for Show Film First, which the Editor published after reading it despite having another writer already on the job. She acknowledged the emotion which went into it not only the review of a film. Have a look for yourself.SELMA

All black everything, thanks to Jay Z is now as common as mud. Bloggers, music artists and fashionistas alike dress in black. Here’s my day in nero. M&S hat, H&M tee, Zara bottoms and Cons.

The history of the world is already set in stone. The future is what we carve out for ourselves.


#shoesmakemehappy – the brogue

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Italy, the Graceland of the footwear industry, and I have just acquired the bargain of the century. I bought what I believe to be an amazing pair of tan almond toe, slip on wing cap brogues, with a tassel and fringe. They are basically my dream pair of shoes, the last one in the lot so I got them for the bargain price of 44 Euro (at a 1.2 conversion approximately £36.67). I haven’t yet mentioned the  upper and lining is leather, made and sourced all in Italy – for £37. What a steal, for any shoe snob you should be feeling the raw envy. Or feel around for change and get yourself to Italy.

Collage 2016-02-16 19_16_30

Brogues for me are the epitome of heritage style rounding off an indigo skinny jean with finesse, topped off with a mink cashmere jumper and velvet blazer why not. I have been searching for a pair of shoes like this for years. I have been travelling to Italy since 2009 and in my 2nd week of having packed my bags and taken the search hard core I have found them. Additionally to add they are as comfortable as a coma. Just a quick stroll to the shops in my new shoes and I feel a million bucks. MM Glamour shoes – thanks and I’ll see you again for sure.

The brogue is a style of footwear typically characterised by decorative perforations (broguing) along and on top of the upper surface of the shoe. The roots of punching holes into shoes came from Ireland and Scotland, primarily for drainage purposes. Today they are the epitome of sophistication, business attire and fashion but also a trend driven in sportswear with EVA soles, pull on high tops and slip on sport shoes. Taking my love of masculine driven pieces, it’s safe to say I am pleased as punch.

A designer known to perform broguing with the upmost reinvented style, innovative comfort technology and finesse is Coal Haan. See these and drool. This brand is my shout out to splurge on, for a pair of shoes in this category, a brand delivering a cheaper option isn’t really an option at all.

Coal Haans

Face Fashion

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Aviators, round, or cats eye, there are so many shapes of sunglasses to choose from. I have a heart shaped face, emphasis on the top heart as my cheeks are undeniably plump. The general rule is, if a pair of sunglasses is angular and you have a round face go crazy, and vice versa. My rule is wear what makes you feel like table top dancing and own it! In Mango, I tried out a few.

sunnies collage

I have always liked what I liked. So this is just a guide, try them on and see what actually “fits”.

Aviators – large lenses, designed to block out the sun from every angle, hence their association with pilots. Often with reflective lenses, for extra pizazz. Recommended for slim faces as not to emphasize girth.

Brow line – a wide frame which runs across the top, at the, wait for it – brow line. Often thin frames or rimless across the remaining bottom of the lenses. An association with the founder of KFC, but very retro chic today.

Square / Retro square – regarded as the most compatibly complimentary style for all face shapes there is. Again, their name is their shape, whether you like them black thick rimmed for nerd homage or slim framed for more sophistication, they’re a mandatory addition for every collector of sunglasses. Best on an oval / round face.

Oval – again works with most face shapes.  Looks best on square faces. See what I did there.

Cat Eye – much like the eyes of our feline friends (or foes). They were made fammannequin - 4ous in the 50’s and are best worn with animal print frames and high cheek bones. These are guidelines only as I think Hollywood wore them best in Mannequin (1987).




Wayfarer – an iconic style, monopolised by one brand in a particular. Somewhere between rectangle and oval in shape.

Round – perfectly round, but best remembered worn by Lennon. They are just that, round; very trendy and fashionable. If your face isn’t round, these are generally regarded as an agreeable look for you.

Sport – curved with your face, often tapered at the temple, sometimes with fancy polarised lenses for the sports enthusiast. To fight glare.

I love my Moschino cat’s eyes; they are gaudy and bold – just how I like them. 2nd favourite is my round eyes (Topshop) – a fraction of the price but possibly more of a statement. When the sun makes an appearance, you’ll be thoroughly equipped! Come on SS16.


You sea food?

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OK, possibly the worst pun known to man but I couldn’t resist it. Milan has an abundance of fresh fish and seafood for the taking, so I and a companion made the most of the weekend and had some seriously delicious food. I threw caution to the wind and let him order for me and boy, did he deliver. I don’t mind working for my food when it comes like this. Delizioso.

Did you know artichokes have around 10g of fibre in a “medium” sized portion of approximately 120g. They provide substantial digestive support, reducing bloating. They are also high in antioxidants (more than the equivalent portion of blueberries or cranberries). Evidence supports its benefits in lowering cholesterol. Its high potassium content helps maintain a healthy balance of electrolytes in the body. These are just a few of the health benefits, but why have I droned on about this? It is because I’ve eaten more artichokes in a week than I have in my life! Fact. On pizza especially, there are some really hearty portions sprayed on top of pizza. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, I am happy for them to be snuck into my meals making me secretly healthy from the inside out.  In a sentence the food is absolutely amazing.


Dolce. The very basic translation is sweet. And yes a menu with Dolce above it will be nothing but. I have tried not to indulge, keeping my cravings to my favourite chocolates, Lindor truffles. However; my Italian friend suggested I try pastiera napoletana, a delicious cake perfectly filled with comfort to complete a hearty seafood platter. After that meal, dolce far niente was easy.