Fashion above your Feet

One week in, what an absolute shock to the system. Nearly 10 hours every night, lots of delicious coffee to make me even more aware of the decision I have made to move and even more wonderful food to consume in the interim I am taking it all in.

Walking the streets of Milan however, I cant ignore the style in the nations capital of fashion. I also cant ignore the almost excessive sighting of that Zara puffa jacket  on at least 1 woman in a 50 foot radius. The beautiful and jaunty hats, on men and women alike which are so effortless and sassy. The sunglasses which are generally a large profile and complimentary to the outfit. I thought I had it all, cashmere hat (M&S), check; the statement scarf (Zara), check; the fabulous sunglasses (Topshop), check and the glorious wool coat (Zara), check. Look how happy I am.


Then there is the statement which may not be identified as an actual trend due to its prevalence. It is the ankle, To survive in Milano and be seen as a Milanese woman, I needed to incorporate this additional ingredient. The exposed ankle by the way, looks best above a fresh pair of kicks, trainers, running shoes, Nike’s, sport shoes, whatever. Just like this. A little bit of ankle goes a long way. Buona giornata

2016-02-08 12.02.27-2




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